Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Paladineer 2L Air Hydration Bladder

5 of 5 Stars

I love my new Paladineer 2L Air Hydration Bladder.  It is easy to use and well constricted.  The clip on top of the bladder is skillfully engineered.  The clip is labeled open and close on each side. You simply side across in the proper direction across the top of the bladder to open and close it.  The water stays in and does not drip. I  like that it is made of FDA approved TPU materials.

I love that it doubles as a pillow.  The air pump makes it easy to blow up.  I have sciatica.  The pillow works great for extra lumbar support.  It is compact and easy to take along with you.  

We live by a bike trail that we frequently use.  This is a great product to take along on those trips.  We have two upcoming vacations, one in the Smoking Mountains, the other in the Rocky Mountains; I cannot wait to take this Hydration Bladder with us.  It will be so much better to use then bottles of water.  Plus, it is eco-friendly.  

I am really happy with this product.  There is nothing I would change to the design.